4 September

All about the New Windows 10

The latest iteration of Windows OS, Windows 10, was publically released in July this year. The release is available free of charge to people who have genuine Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 licenses.
The most important development that Windows 10 offers is the Universal Application Architecture that allows the users to experience Microsoft products on all their devices with little or no modifications. This means that the consumers can take more benefit of their devices through interconnected apps.
Windows 10 is designed to perform equally well on all platforms including phones and tablets. Thus, the users will experience a unified interface and app inventory on their phones, Surfaces and PC.

Cross Platform Apps

Windows 10 reinforces the Microsoft’s idea of cross platform apps. The current implementation of this idea means that the user could have a similar experience on their phones, tablets, gaming consoles and other devices. The user sees a uniform interface regardless of the device and is able to continue work on a different device without any major issues.

HoloLens is Real!

Perhaps, the most exciting development of the platform in HoloLens, Microsoft’s project for augmented reality. While still considered a novelty, a number of real-world applications including Skype have been ported to HoloLens. The real impact of the technology would be experienced as more and more third party vendors offer applications for the platform.

A “Universal” Office

For the first time, Windows comes with a truly universal suite of Office apps. The suite is touch-friendly and is especially designed to work with multiple screen sizes. The user can start work on one device and can pick up the work on another device without any feeling of getting lost in the interface. This always-connected experience means that the data and settings would be seamlessly transported between the devices and provides an always-on experience to the user. This is Microsoft’s attempt to regain the grounds lost to cloud-based productivity products such as Google Drive.

Get ready for Cortana

Cortana is the Microsoft’s answer to Siri, the Apple’s intelligent assistant. Cortana taps into Bing for her answers. With a tight integration with Windows 10 platform, it is easy to use the assistant right from the notification area. Cortana offers a high degree of support and an impressive personality that makes for a great virtual assistant.

Get Ready for the Edge

Edge is the latest version of the browser that Microsoft developed under the name Spartan. Edge is a great leap from the days of IE and offers the full functionality that the users have come to expect from their web browsers. Edge will work alongside IE so that Windows 10 users will actually have two browsers on their systems.

Better Gaming Experience

Windows 10 is the latest in Microsoft’s attempts for a unified gaming experience for the users. The idea is to offer the same level of gaming performance to PC and console gamers. The integration of DirectX 12 promises a faster and more real experience.